The Your.Bible Platform

At Your.Bible, we think a lot about how technology is reshaping the relationship between Ministry organizations and the communities they serve. As the Internet connects more and more of us in real-time, the possibilities continue to expand for using technology in novel ways that increase impact and effectiveness. The Your.Bible platform is designed to allow anyone to build an online Ministry website with a primary emphasis on providing access to the most effect tool: the Word of God.

With Your.Bible as your technology partner, you have at your fingertips, a set of flexible and easy to use tools for combining content and community to bring more people into fellowship, while also improving their Bible knowledge. To get started, all you need is a .BIBLE domain, and at no additional cost, you now have access to a variety of free tools for managing a high impact Ministry website that is also mobile-friendly.

Ready to get started with your .BIBLE name -- it's quick and easy. Either Sign in with your Digital Town account, or if you don't already have an account, Register for one. Once you sign in and click your profile (upper right), you will be able to connect your Digital Town account to your .BIBLE name and immediately begin entering your information into your new Ministry website.

Bible Search

One of the greatest advances in Bible study since the creation of Concordances has been the emergence of online Bible search tools, including the ability to do word studies in seconds rather than leafing through a Concordance.

Reading Plans

The ability to stay grounded in the Word is greatly enhanced through reading plans. Choose from reading plans built around themes that are personally relevant, or create your own custom reading plans tied to topics being emphasized by formal ministry.

Study guides

The use of integrated Study Guides help increase Bible mastery through structured theology. Use integrated content for both the beginner and the advanced Bible student, community members can increase their mastery of themes and topics. Alternatively, create your own Study Guides.

Worship Service

Use the online authoring tools to manage content related to scheduled worship services and upcoming events, both online and offline. Recorded media and Livestream media can also be easily integrated.

Sermons and Sermon Notes

Create and Manage recorded sermons and interactive sermon notes for use by the community. Maintain a historical archive of past sermon notes for easy reference by community members.

Prayer Requests

One of our great privileges as members of the Body of Christ is to pray, and to intercede for others. The online Prayer request features brings this important role into the Digital Age, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rather than being limited to a periodic altar call.

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